Kelly Anne Erdman

Performance Dietitian

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I provide a variety of nutrition services including workshops, public speaking, media spokesperson, resource development, menu planning, and of course individual nutrition consultations at the University of Calgay Sport Medicine Centre.

Individual Nutrition Consulting

  • Sport nutrition (recreational and competitive high performance athletes)

  • Weight loss, weight gain, eating disorders /disordered eating

  • Diabetes, vegetarianism, Osteoporosis, Hypoglycemia

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Diseades, Gout PCOS

  • Other gastrointestinal disorders (reflux, ulcers, colitis, etc.)

  • Elevated Lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides)

  • Hypertension

  • Food Allergies and intolerances

  • Lifecycle concerns: Pregnancy, Menopause, Children, Seniors

  • Nutrition "Check-up" (i.e. overallassessment of eating habits when nospecific health concerns)


  1. Fuel for the Physically Active (for recreational & competitive enthusiasts)
    This comprehensive sport nutrition workshop outlines the ideal balance for the athlete’s training diet – carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. We’ll address pre-event nutrition, eating to maximize endurance and exercise recovery, plus sport nutrition supplements. A self-assessment activity will illustrate how to incorporate the dietary recommendations to achieve the ideal training & competition diet.
  2. Kelly Anne’s Top 10 Secrets to Successful Weight Control
    We will weigh the pros and cons of the current trends in weight control for insight into a non-diet approach towards permanent lifestyle changes and successful weight management. We’ll secretly discuss coping with appetite triggers, planning nutritionally complete and sustaining meals, plus how to increase your metabolism, shhhhhhhhhhh . . .
  3. Nutrition Challenges in the Workplace
    Business luncheons, travel and long days are some of the day to day difficulties in the workplace. Your hectic lifestyle may not change, however, nutrition intervention may improve your stress management, mental endurance, productivity and health. Establishing good dietary routine may make the difference in your work performance.
  4. Micronutrient Needs Throughout the Lifecycle
    At various stages of life specific vitamins and minerals will be of concern. This workshop will explore key micronutrient needs from pregnancy through to the elderly. Let’s make sure your diet is nutritionally sound!
  5. Grocery Shopping Tours
    Confused about food labels? Not sure which are your best picks in produce? Interested to spend some time looking in-depth in the grocery store to maximize your nutrition? This hands-on tour explores optimal food choices at the point of purchase.
  6. Dietary Strategies to Manage Menopause
    Whether you’re approaching perimenopause or are post-menopausal specific dietary support can help make “the change” manageable and enhance longevity. Recommendations to deal with menopausal symptoms as well as long term health concerns will be addressed.
  7. Quick Meals in a Crunch
    If dining and dashing describe your dietary habits this workshop is for you! You will discover tasty and nutritious time saving meal suggestions prepared in 20 minutes or less. Learn how to maximize your menu planning for preparation of wholesome foods for your entire family.
  8. Heart Healthy Eating
    Confused about trans fatty acids, soluble fibre, omega 3 oils, and folic acid? Come and discover proactive steps you can take with your nutrition to manage AND reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.
  9. Planning Your Diet to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer
    The incidence of cancer continues to climb amongst Canadians. While experts suggest that 1 out of 3 cancer deaths may be related to poor nutrition. Learn how to implement helpful dietary measures to potentially lower your risk of cancer.
  10. Nutrition Beyond 40
    If you are not yet “40” you will be someday! This interactive workshop will provide proactive dietary strategies to manage and/or reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, as well as help control your weight. Note: this lengthy workshop can be broken down into 2 shorter sessions.
  11. Vegetarian Cuisine
    Considering a vegetarian diet or the occasional vegetarian meal? Discover the nutrients of greatest concern from a non-animal diet and how easy it may be to incorporate these nutrients along with tasty vegetarian recipes.
  12. Proactive Nutrition for Optimal Health
    Your dietary choices can have a direct effect on reducing the risk and/or managing a variety of health concerns, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, weight control, and diabetes. Experts have discovered how specific foods have healthful properties to improve our nutrition and ensure optimal health. Learn how to easily incorporate these healthy foods to become proactive with your nutrition and health!
  13. "How to Build a Gut"
    This comical presentation addresses current eating & lifestyle behaviors known to contribute to excess body weight. In other words, the lighter side of what NOT to do to successfully lose weight & keep it off!
  • Wellness Workshops/"Lunch & Learn"
  • Occupational Health & Wellness support - blood lipid (coholesterol) screening, dietary advice, strategies to reduce or manage risk of cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes
  • On site individual Nutrition consultations
  • Worksite nutrition quality asswssment of food service (e.g. food service at well sites, cafeterias, vending machines, etc.)
  • Diatery analysis of menus
  • Menu planning recommendations for special functions, cafeterias, food service facilities
  • Team/Sport specific nutrition workshops on a variety of topics from training diet, sports bars & drinks, sports supplements and competition nutrition to travel, grocery shopping tours, recovery nutrition, menu planning and practical hands-on cooking demonstrations.
  • Individual nutrition consultations at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre
  • Consultations to teams, coaches, team managers regarding competition nutrition meal & snack planning specifically scheduled around competitions; travel-related dietary concerns or other nutritional needs to support optimal sport performances
  • Nutrition "Tip Sheets" for your team
  • Precise competition "eating" schedule & plan
  • Sport specific articles written for athlete communications
  • Computerized dietary analysis

Sport Nutrition

Corporate Nutrition